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Re: LF: Loops V Verticals

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Subject: Re: LF: Loops V Verticals
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Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 18:03:00 EDT
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Actually, Mal, 76 Amps (if that is the true figure) may be accomodated with good materials and equally good engineering practice. However, the argument then becomes a debate about economics and returns on investment. I think what we should be talking about here is how to encourage more to get involved and to experiment and try ideas. Once upon a time the authorities thought that by confining "amateurs" to "wavelengths below 200 metres" there would be few if any who would be heard outside their own backyards! The history of science and technology is littered with the corpses of debunkers and quack doctors but equally decorated with the laurels of those who had the balls and temerity to "fly outside the envelope". "Is there anyone out there?" only requires that a coherent signal is presented to a random noise Universe. It doesn't even need a callsign identifier.Most of us in the amateur radio world are attempting to either ask that question on a band of interest or maybe just to demonstrate our presence. If folks are led to believe that only the achievement of "biggest/best/loudest/first!" is good enough then what encouragement is left for the guy who wants to try something different? Where is the incentive if his efforts when published are to be ridiculed or condescended on? I have always believed our hobby (and scientific interest) was bigger than this and much bigger than the people who transiently (and we are all transients) participate.
And if you think this a boring diatribe, just start me off after a good dinner and a decent claret !
Pat g4gvw
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