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LF: Re: Re: Wolf Tests

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Subject: LF: Re: Re: Wolf Tests
From: "Larry Kayser" <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2001 16:23:06 -0400
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Mike Dennison et all:

> No comments from you lately so I will reiterate, I am sending you WOLF
> night from 01 utc to 02 utc...........137.7894 is the TX freq
> Larry

Does anyone know of a way to make a WAV file on a
I suspect by now this has been solved.

Secondly - and this will cause some discussion (smoke!)
I hope not, we dont need any of that kind of discussion as I see it......

- there is
considerable wideband noise at the top of the band very late at night. It
usually attributed to the Luxemburg Effect. In the past it has caused
problem as (1) we have used only QRS which by virtue of its bandwidth has
high level of immunity to wideband QRM, and (2) there is very little
activity at
the times the noise on on -
This is a regretable situation.

>note that VE1ZZ used a much lower frequency. I
think this will make it much more difficult to receive a WOLF transmission
The 136.5 frequency as used by VE1ZZ earlier this year was the subject of
extensive discussion that was not complimentary as to the location with the
European 136  Band Plan.  I choose not to tempt fate by transmitting in that

I suggest that Larry uses a frequency closer to the 'data' allocation,
say 137.400kHz.
"'data' allocation" that must be part of a European LF Band Plan that
apparently does not consider North American requirements.  There is no way I
would transmit 400 Hz from CFH, that would be an unwise move even if I did
it once just for fun - it would not be taken well.

I am keen to listen for Larry but these two obstacles are making it not
worthwhile at the moment.
I did operate on 137.75 and that was a problem because of the European LF
Band Plan, I moved, based on a strong recommendation up to 137.790.

137.790 is clear in ZL and VK and I do not have at the moment a way to
remotely change the DDS frequency in any case.   If I was to move over 1 kHz
I would have to retune the loading coil for optimum output and while I now
have a tuning mechanism to do this I do not have a driver motor that will
survive being exposed to the elements.

If the WOLF transmissions are not going to be readable in Europe we have the
option to change the time, or add another hour at a different time, or the
digital session can be ended if it is not being used by anyone.    Comments?


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