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Re: LF: Rising activity in SM

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Subject: Re: LF: Rising activity in SM
From: "Peter W. Schnoor" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 00:10:39 +0200
Organization: University of Kiel, Clinic of Nephrology
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Hello group,
Hi Christer,

Christer Andersson wrote:
I just worked SM4DHN, Lars-Bertil in Hagfors, on 136.5.
Lars-Bertil uses a 400W PA and a T-antenna.
Heard SM4DHN at good signal strength here near Kiel, 429 at
21:30 UTC. Called him many times this evening but the only
reply was "QRZ?"...

54°16'N / 10°04'E, JO54ag
73 es gl de Peter, DF3LP

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