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RE: VLF: New experiments on 17.47 kHz planned...

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Subject: RE: VLF: New experiments on 17.47 kHz planned...
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Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2018 10:28:10 -0400
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Stefan and Edgar,

Best compliments on your continuing fine work. I second Markus's motion, the 
Excel plots are most informative... and the results are exciting [including the 
diurnal SNR pattern for a link at the propagation-loss summit (near the spatial 
boundary of geofocusing SNR increase, where diurnals should be quite 


Jim AA5BW 

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Subject: Re: VLF: New experiments on 17.47 kHz planned...

Hello dear VLF followers,

Here's an update from the ongoing experiment.
The last evenings carrier transmission greatly confirmed that 17:50 UTC is the 
best time to try. A screencapture is attached. It shows the resulting SNR for a 
3 hour carrier, calculated by vlfrx tools. When treating the carrier as a 2 
character '**' message, it already decodes without doubts.
Furthermore i found the bug in the settings in my SL instance transmitting 
EbNaut. Today the message transmission will start as announced.

73, Stefan

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