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Re: LF: Trans Atlantic 2200m on JT-9?

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Subject: Re: LF: Trans Atlantic 2200m on JT-9?
From: DK7FC <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2017 18:20:55 +0100
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Hello Alex,

Oh you are very good informed. I'm getting old! But i knew there was something :-)
Ok JT9-10 is 10 dB 'better', theoretically.
I think it was one of the French stations who still has the old JT9 version available. Maybe it would be interesting for Chris and Paul to try it out. It can't be worse than it was in 2012, and there it was working well as we see.

Ah and i remember i sent 'I have a cat' in JT9-2, which was copied by RN3AGC :-)

73, Stefan

Am 17.11.2017 18:06, schrieb Alex R7NT:
2012-11-29 W1VD rxed DK7FC in JT9-10 - best QRB=6105km in JT9

73! Alex R7NT

2017-11-17 19:21 GMT+03:00 Rik Strobbe <[email protected]>:
A pitty that then 'slower' JT9 versions have been abandoned.
I found in particular JT9-2 (2 minute sequences) very useful on 472 kHz. A QSO took about 10 minutes and these was a +/- 3dB advantage over JT9-1.

73, Rik  ON7YD
Van: [email protected] <[email protected]> namens DK7FC <[email protected]>
Verzonden: vrijdag 17 november 2017 15:37
Aan: [email protected]
Onderwerp: Re: LF: Trans Atlantic 2200m on JT-9?

I think that W1VD has detected my signal some years ago. But that was
not JT9-1. There have been older versions of JT9, allowing to use longer
time periods, up to 30 minutes i think! That was better for LF!
I am not so sure about the detection by W1VD. Maybe Jay want's to comment...

73, Stefan

Am 17.11.2017 15:29, schrieb Chris Wilson:
> 17 November 2017
> Has  there  been  a previous trans Atlantic reception of a JT-9 signal
> from the UK?

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