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Re: LF: Who says MF TA.../VO1NA QRSS-10

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Subject: Re: LF: Who says MF TA.../VO1NA QRSS-10
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Date: Mon, 30 May 2016 19:58:46 -0230 (NDT)
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Hi Stefan and Roelof, Group,

Thank-you for again for the reports.  I'm delighted that
my theory of photon absorbing ground has been partially
debunked by Stefan's observations. Is the tree supporting
the loop a pine by chance, Stefan?   Spruce trees
seem good at VLF and we are all familiar with the properties of
the hawthorn from Roelof's poineering work.  Thanks again Roelof.

The TX will remain on tonight. 477.7 kHz 10 watts, QRSS10.

Regarding VLF, it seems I can still run farther than I can
send a VLF signal.  At the moment, one of the pie coils spits sparks
and has to be rewound;  the quest for a long piece of 0.4 mm wire
continues.  I hope that Stefan's experiments with the cores will make it
possible to get 0.5 H with < 2km of wire.

73 & GL

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