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Re: LF: Who says MF TA.../VO1NA QRSS-10

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Subject: Re: LF: Who says MF TA.../VO1NA QRSS-10
From: DK7FC <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 31 May 2016 22:16:07 +0200
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Hi Joe,

Today's best result attached. There were just faint traces and IK1HGI was sitting on 'your' frequency, fortunately with an offset between you. The tree is a douglas fir, nealy 30m high and about 50 years old (says the forester), the MF loops are about 14m above ground.
Go on trying if you like, i'm watching.

Am 31.05.2016 00:28, schrieb [email protected]:
Regarding VLF, it seems I can still run farther than I can
send a VLF signal.  At the moment, one of the pie coils spits sparks
and has to be rewound;  the quest for a long piece of 0.4 mm wire
continues.  I hope that Stefan's experiments with the cores will make it
possible to get 0.5 H with < 2km of wire.
0.5H with 2km of wire is no problem at all. My large coil has 550 mH and 1999m of wire :-)
What about the answers to my questions regarding VLF? ;-)

73, Stefan

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