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LF: Earth modes and ebnaut?

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Subject: LF: Earth modes and ebnaut?
From: Chris Wilson <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 31 May 2016 15:34:41 +0100
Organization: Gatesgarth Developments
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31 May 2016

Assuming it's legal to transmit VLF using earth modes, and this seems
an grey area, is anyone using Ebnaut for this communication method? if
I tried to master the complexities of it, not being very
mathematically astute, would anyone be likely to hear or look for a
signal? I am in north Shropshire, in open countryside, with plenty of
space for well separated earth rods, and the means to drive them very
deep into a soild of loam top, about a meter deep, then into what is
normally very wet sand as the water table here is high for most of the
year. Thanks


Best regards,
 Chris  2E0ILY                           mailto:[email protected]

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