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LF: SDR-Play and Spectrum Laboratory

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Subject: LF: SDR-Play and Spectrum Laboratory
From: DAVE PICK <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 30 May 2016 16:09:39 +0100 (BST)
Importance: Medium
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Dear LF

I have a new toy which I've finished playing with and I want to use it for some useful purpose. It's an "SDR-Play" USB SDR.

What I'd like to be able to use it for is to replace my old Soft-Rock SDRs for my LF and MF grabbers.

I can get it to view a slice of the spectrum 500 or 600kHz wide from, say 50 to 550kHz, then I want to be able to run two instances of Spectrum Lab (or Argo?) to take grabs of the 136 and 472kHz bands.

But, how do I configure spectrum Lab (or another program) to be able to do this? I feel awfully out of my depth when I read anything about setting this sort of thing up so any help in plain language would be appreciated!

I realise I'll have to pay great attention to the front-end filtering in order to make the most of the limited resolution of the A/D but that sort of stuff I can cope with!


Dave G3YXM

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