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Re: LF: SDR-Play and Spectrum Laboratory

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Subject: Re: LF: SDR-Play and Spectrum Laboratory
From: Wolfgang Büscher <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 30 May 2016 20:47:54 +0200
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Hello Dave,

By coincidence, one of the developers of SDR-play recently asked me if I'd like to have one of these devices to add support for it. Since I cannot devote lots of time for it, my suggestion was that one of the SDR-play developers should write an ExtIO-compatible interface DLL for it. Most if not all SDR programs support it, for example Winrad, HDSDR, Spectrum Lab, and possibly many others, so writing such a DLL would make their radio more useful to many users. I don't know what happened since then, but maybe there is a Winrad-compatible "ExtIO"-DLL available already, which you can easily load in Spectrum Lab as driver for an 'input device'. Just let me know if you need more information. It would be interesting to know how the SDR-play compares with other (more expensive) SDRs. Maybe I will carry one home from the Ham Radio fair in Friedrichshafen this year...
All the best,
  Wolf .

Am 30.05.2016 um 17:09 schrieb DAVE PICK:
Dear LF

I have a new toy which I've finished playing with and I want to use it for some useful purpose. It's an "SDR-Play" USB SDR.
What I'd like to be able to use it for is to replace my old Soft-Rock
SDRs for my LF and MF grabbers.
I can get it to view a slice of the spectrum 500 or 600kHz wide from,
say 50 to 550kHz, then I want to be able to run two instances of
Spectrum Lab (or Argo?) to take grabs of the 136 and 472kHz bands.
But, how do I configure spectrum Lab (or another program) to be able
to do this? I feel awfully out of my depth when I read anything about
setting this sort of thing up so any help in plain language would be
I realise I'll have to pay great attention to the front-end filtering
in order to make the most of the limited resolution of the A/D but
that sort of stuff I can cope with!

Dave G3YXM

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