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Re: LF: EbNaut from Todmorden

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Subject: Re: LF: EbNaut from Todmorden
From: "Markus Vester" <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2016 22:16:28 +0100
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Looks like I'm getting some carrier on 137455 but it's not very strong here (about 12 dB in 0.438 mHz). Stefan's opds spectrogram is plagued by a set of spurs in that vicinity. Maybe 137465 looks a bit cleaner, and equally clear of Mike's strong Opera transmission on 137460.06 Hz
Best 73,

Sent: Saturday, March 12, 2016 8:09 PM
Subject: Re: LF: EbNaut from Todmorden

Looking at Gary's page

My signal shows up well on grab 2 but grab 3 there are
some glitches which I can't account for.

And scrolling down to grab 5 there's a signal on 8270
today which doesn't appear on my spectrogram here.
Perhaps Gary is doing some near field testing.

So far I don't seem to be making any impression on
Markus' receiver at

but the signal is clearly getting as far as Heidelberg

Looking to change frequency soon.  Stefan advises 137.5 +/- 50Hz
to make use of OPDS receivers and Domenico suggested the lower
end of that band.  So maybe I will try

  Frequency: 137455.00000 Hz
  Coding: 8K19A
  Chars: 12
  Symbols: 848 at 2 seconds
  Duration: 1696 seconds, 00:28:16.00
  Repeat: Each hour, XX:00

Will start at 20:00 unless anyone has a better suggestion.
Probably QRT at 00:30 after the 00:00 message has completed.

Paul Nicholson

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