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Re: LF: MF: EbNaut

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Subject: Re: LF: MF: EbNaut
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Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2016 16:12:22 -0330 (NST)
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Well Done!

The photon flux is on:  477.7 kHz, EbNaut parameters as before
(10 chars 8K19A 752 1-second symbols starting on the half hours UT)
Hope you have better luck if you want to try again, Markus.


On Mon, 29 Feb 2016, Markus Vester wrote:

Congratulations to Paul and Domenico, this is a well deserved cup of tea!

Maybe that is the farthest EbNaut on MF so far?
I think so. Actually the other day I had tried hard to decode VO1NA here, but 
never managed to pull enough of Joe's photons out of the noise.

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