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Re: LF: More EbNaut 137.777

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Subject: Re: LF: More EbNaut 137.777
From: [email protected]
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2015 17:06:08 -0330 (NST)
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Thank-you Paul,

It seems the uno shut down after 0130.  I was wondering why until
realising it was only doing what it was told.  It is now
starting the 2nd sequence and should run all night.

A RasPi is here, ready to assist.


On Fri, 27 Nov 2015, Paul Nicholson wrote:

Todmorden reception of VO1NA 2015-11-26/27, 5 chars 8K19A
2 second symbols.

22:00  7.4 dB    +1.9
22:30  1.8 dB    +2.3  rank 18999
23:00  6.3 dB    +2.5
23:30 10.0 dB    +2.8
00:00  3.2 dB    +3.0
00:30 11.1 dB    +3.2
01:00  8.6 dB    +3.5
01:30  1.2 dB    +3.8
02:00  no decode
02:30  no decode

Wolf wrote:

not too strong 'carrier like' signal in the vincinity of
137 kHz, to get a rough estimate of the local QRM level
Are the loran sidebands any use?  Here they provide a regular
array of markers across the band.

also not a trace of Joe's signal in a high-res spectrogram,
I have my doubts..
You won't see the message signals but the carrier should be

Tomorrow I'll make a keyer program for PC and RPi.  Easy then
to send the bits at the right time and do repeats.

RX here still going, expected a flat battery by now.

Paul Nicholson

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