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LF: Gamma spectroscopy (off topic)

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Subject: LF: Gamma spectroscopy (off topic)
From: Markus Vester <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 5 Jun 2015 13:05:38 -0400
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Hi Paul-Henrik,
I'd be interested to learn more about your soundcard gamma spectrometer, is there a description on the web?
The reason why I'm asking: I recently stumbled across several rather enlightening videos from "bionerd23", the "Lady who ate the Chernobyl apples". There's also one where she climbs the huge transmit array of the former Duga-3 OTH-radar, also known as "Steel Yard" or "The Woodpecker":
73, Markus (DF6NM)
BTW Wouldn't mind having such an decently-sized antenna in MY backyard ;-)

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Von: phl <[email protected]>
An: rsgb_lf_group <[email protected]>
Verschickt: Fr, 5 Jun 2015 8:54 am
Betreff: Re: LF: Re: USB stereo soundcard, CHEAP!?
Have a look at this specific product ("3D Sound" in transparent blue   
plastic case), there are plenty sellers on the "bay" in DE:

I use exactly the same card for sound input from the NaI(Tl)   
scintillator probe preamplifier in my gamma spectroscopy setup.

At least for that purpose it works as well or better than the built-in
audio interfaces I have tried. Key parameters in that application are
low noise, no extra "hidden" sound processing and good input waveform


Paul-Henrik, OH1LSQ

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