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Re: div. LW BC qrt / was RE: LF: DLF 153 kHz QRT

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Subject: Re: div. LW BC qrt / was RE: LF: DLF 153 kHz QRT
From: "Roelof Bakker" <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2014 21:20:42 +0100
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Hello Dennis,

RTE 252khz is said to switch off soon.
Due to much opposition of the Irish community in the UK, this has been
postponed, so I have heard.
The next scheduled date is January 19, 2015.

As there are less stations left on LW BC, this all means new opportunities for longwave radio DX observations. :)
Never heard Iceland 207khz or Mongolia 209khz.
Not to forget a bunch of Canadian NDB's that so far have never been heard
in Europe.
Though for decent propagation we will have to wait till solar flux drops
below 100.
At the moment it is over 200, and this shows!

Roelof, PA0RDT

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