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RE: LF: MF activity from Uto lighthouse next weekend

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Subject: RE: LF: MF activity from Uto lighthouse next weekend
From: "Clemens Paul" <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2014 21:37:07 +0200
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I can copy OH1AH in the beacon mode at the moment (vvv de...):
RST 3-459 
Distance ca. 1377km

Ant.2x155m Dipol;
RX Perseus


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>Subject: Re: LF: MF activity from Uto lighthouse next weekend
>OH1AH calling CQ on 472.5 kHz ... 449 with QSB + QRN here in JO42FD.
>Didn't get a reponse to my answer yet, will try again later.
>Thanks Erich, Dieter and Chris (XIZ) for the activity.
>   Wolf .
>Am 10.08.2014 10:41, schrieb [email protected]:
>> Hello
>> The international lighthouse and lightship weekend is next weekend, 
>> August 16-17.
>> The Top Radio Club OH1AH will be travelling to Utö island 
>(KO09QS) to 
>> activate the lighthouse there and like last year we will 
>also set up a 
>> station for 472...479 kHz.
>> There is unobstructed take-off directly to the baltic sea so daytime 
>> ground-wave contacts could be possible down to the coasts of Poland 
>> and Germany.
>> We will be running approximately 1 W EIRP on MF. Daytime 
>there will be 
>> a beacon signal on air when possible. The planned frequency is 472.5 
>> kHz +/- QRM.
>> We will travel on Thursday 14 th and hope to have the MF and SW 
>> stations up and running on Friday 15 th in the afternoon. 
>> will start in the morning of Sunday 17 th in order to catch the 
>> afternoon ferry back to the mainland.
>> Despite it's remote location Utö is a small nightmare when 
>it comes to 
>> MF/SW reception as the island is literally packed with 
>electronics and 
>> switchmode equipment. We will do our best to hear your 
>signals anyway 
>> but may need a little luck and that QSB peak to complete the QSO. At 
>> least this was the situation last year.
>> Possible announcements will be made here and/or DX-summit.
>> It is OK to QSP this message to Yahoo and the NDB-list etc. I have 
>> lost my accounts there so have no direct access anymore.
>> Here are a couple of pictures from last year in a forum thread: 
>> BR
>> Paul-Henrik, OH1LSQ

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