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Re: LF: New RX site at DK7FC

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Subject: Re: LF: New RX site at DK7FC
From: DK7FC <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2014 22:38:44 +0200
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Hello Michel and all,

Sorry, i wasn't able to arrange the antenna today. It is not as easy as expected. In fact the garden looks like jungle! I had to spend a few hours to remove greenery, which is a nice work. I like it. I will progress in smaller steps. Tomorrow i will prepare the tall tree to climb on it and i will take some better (invisible) wire. To much effort for a quick test. I want to install the final antenna from the beginning. It will be the same wire as for the kite experiments....

More later. Thanks for watching.

73, Stefan

Am 30.07.2014 20:23, schrieb Michel Brunel:
Bonjour DK7FC,

Le mercredi 30 juillet 2014 à 16:57:47, DK7FC écrivait :

Good gardening Stefan, hope that antenna plants will grow up rapidly 

Listening for your first signals right now ...

73 de Michel - f5wk

Hi all, 

Finally! Finally i have my own piece of garden, since monday. It is outside the city, most probably in a very quiet location. The dimensions are roughly 20m x 80m, i.e. 1600 m^2. The locator is 
JN49IK24 that's 2.4 km distant from my TX location. 

I'm planning to arrange several RX antennas for LF / MF and VLF! (No XYL is limiting the possibilities :-) ).

Later in the afternoon i'm arranging a first antenna, something like a T antenna, maybe in 6m above the ground, tuned to MF just to get a first impression.  MF WSPR test transmissions are welcome! :-) So far i have mobile internet and can upload some WSPR spots. 
I will also install 2 orthogonal RX loops later. Same for LF and VLF.

There is no electricity, so no QRM :-) With some luck i can arrange a WLAN repeater in some 15m high trees which are on the property. Solar panels could be mounted into the tree as well as some accumulators in combination with a homemade linear regulating solar battery charger.

There are a lot of possible projects to do. And now it will show how easy it is to get fine RX results if you live in a quiet location, using a clean earth and a large RX antenna that doesn't need a preamp :-)

OK, let's go!

73, Stefan/DK7FC

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