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Re: LF: No succes Sub9KHz and S235 notebook here....

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Subject: Re: LF: No succes Sub9KHz and S235 notebook here....
From: "PA1SDB, Peter" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2013 12:02:07 -0000
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Hello Stefan,
Thank you for sharing your experience. This is particularly important for newcomers in this band. They will throw the towel down to quick if they find nothing in the Spectogram's.
I'm busy to decode a 2GB WAV recording that I made yesterday. But still nothing on that  Acer S235 notebook. When I load VLF_stations.usr, the whole VLF becomes visible. So that works well, but unfortunately no sign of DJ8WX. I try now if I can see RSDN-20
To be continued....
73's, Peter PA1SDB
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Sent: Monday, March 25, 2013 11:03 AM
Subject: Re: LF: No succes Sub9KHz and S235 notebook here....

Hi Peter,

I know these problems. For a longer time i had problems on the TX side on LF (generating tones to the TX converter). Several phase glitches occured in a 30 minute period. In 424 uHz the S/N loss would be dramatic then.

Ah yes and i remember the same problem while transmitting 8970 Hz in my 10th kite experiment.
A screenshot of my transmission in 40.0 km distance and in 4.5 mHz:
Here another one in 45 mHz ("DFCW-60"): You can clearly see the glitches.
And lastly the signal at TF3HZ Here it is very blurry as well.

The same can happen on the RX side of course. As a test you could track the signal of  RSDN-20, e.g. on 11904.7619 Hz. This must be a stable line, over the day, except a single glitch at 21 UTC (?). All other glitches that appear in this line must be generated on your side!
See the RSDN-20 window on my grabber (The trace is sometimes affected by my own LF/MF transmissions).

73, GL, Stefan/DK7FC

Am 24.03.2013 15:46, schrieb PA1SDB, Peter:
Hello all,
I have here a ACER Extensa S235 notebook.
I have "some" experience with Sub9KHz and spectrum lab, but with this notebook I am unable to receive signals from DJ8WX right now.
Experiments in the past did also fail. I see other signals between 0 and 48 KHz, but no sign from DJ8WX.
I use the same scipt like I run on my Grabber PC ( but around 8970 Hz is only noise visible in Spectrum lab.
Today I ran that script ( ) on a other (almost retro) ASUS 800 MHz notebook, and eureka, DJ8WX became visible.
For some unknown reason it is an experiment worth to try another PC if you get succes.
Still digging here to find out why it does'nt work...
73's, Peter PA1SDB
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