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Re: LF: CW beacon on 137.0 kHz

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Subject: Re: LF: CW beacon on 137.0 kHz
From: [email protected]
Date: 07 Jun 2012 18:14 GMT
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Dear Stefan,

this is the first time I tried to copy You on LF. Your signal is clearly
audible in JN68GN, eastern Bavaria, S-Meter showing S3, even during
thunderstorm crashes.

73 Ha-Jo, DJ1ZB

"Stefan Schäfer" <[email protected]> schrieb:
> LF!
> I'm running a CW beacon at 137.0 kHz for some time. The QRN is high with 
> thunderstorms in north east France, coming closer to DL. Maybe a 
> challenge for your RX is difficult conds. Anyway, we should bear uo 
> against the QRN :-)
> In the past activities there was a good feedback in the DX cluster at 
> so this is worth to try to gain some newcomers to the LF band!
> 73, Stefan/DK7FC

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