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Re: LF: 500 Khz allocation

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Subject: Re: LF: 500 Khz allocation
From: Rik Strobbe <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2009 23:28:46 +0200
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for Belgium:

Frequency: 501-504kHz
Power: max. 5W EIRP
Modes: telegraphy as per ITU definition, meaning it includes digital text modes such as the various PSK and FSK modes, with a max. bandwith of 100Hz
Permit:  no special permit required, just a "full license" (HAREC Class 1)
Additional: no expire date, amateurs are secundary users

73, Rik  ON7YD - OR7T

Quoting Piotr Młynarski <[email protected]>:

Dear LF group,
The present discussion  about  uk/us 500 kHz bandplan  has triggered  a
question which i  was going to  put here, on this reflector ,
for some time.  In Poland, we still lack this MF band allocation to
radioamateurs.  There is a small group of hams interested  in  having an
access to this band..
Some time ago i was asked  by one of our  PZK ( Polish Radioamateur
Union)  officials to prepare a  sort of a  preliminary note about this
I plan to write such a  note ( along with Marcin, sq2bxi and others)
Athough this lf_reflector is uk based we all know that it has a
world-wide character including stations from G,W,F,DL,S,OK,ON,EI,PA,I
( i am sorry if  any other country prefix has been ommited) . Therefore
, my ask is the following:
please , write  here  , on this reflector,   the 500 khz band
allocation in particular countries  i.e.  band limits as well as   EIRP
power,special permits. etc...
Obviously,  with such an information provided  the   "power" of  such a
note will be greatly increased.

73 de Piotr, sq7mpj
qth: Lodz /jo91rs/

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