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RE: LF: RE: SK6RUD audible on 499.97kHz

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Subject: RE: LF: RE: SK6RUD audible on 499.97kHz
From: "Victor van Kooten" <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2008 09:09:59 -0000
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Thanks Paul,

I will listen again this night,distance is 760 km,maybe..

73 gl


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Van: [email protected]
[mailto:[email protected]]Namens Paul-Henrik
Verzonden: zaterdag 30 augustus 2008 8:11
Aan: [email protected]
Onderwerp: Re: LF: RE: SK6RUD audible on 499.97kHz

Victor, LF

The transmission was regular CW, sequence starting with "VVV". The signal
like there is a very slight but noticeable chirp on it. As the keying is
most of the time it is hard to see on a waterfall if weak. Look for three
jumps in frequency appearing at begin or end of each cycle. I should have
a few Argo screens of this "footprint" but forgot to do so.



Quoting Victor van Kooten <[email protected]>:

> Hello Paul Henrik,
> what is this station transmitting?? Regular CW or QRSS?
> thanks.73
> Victor
> -----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
> Van: [email protected]
> [mailto:[email protected]]Namens Paul-Henrik
> Verzonden: donderdag 28 augustus 2008 22:03
> Aan: [email protected]
> Onderwerp: LF: SK6RUD audible on 499.97kHz
> Hello LF
> I can just about copy the SK6RUD beacon in QSB peaks on 499.97kHz as the
> clock
> approaches 2200z. Same thing last night. Not bad for 2 or 4 watts to a
> horizontal dipole at 5 meters height. The distance is around 800km.
> 73's
> Paul-Henrik / OH1LSQ
> Vaasa / KP03SD

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