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To: "rsgb" <[email protected]>
Subject: LF: QSW/QTV
From: "hamilton mal" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2007 18:37:51 -0000
Reply-to: [email protected]
Sender: [email protected]
Hi all
To avoid any ambiguity xband working 500/HF. I will use the HF freqs at
times and use QSW or QTV 505.5 khz as appropriate to indicate what MF QRG  I
am transmitting on
I will  use QSX 1833/3533/7033 Khz on my 500 QRG and monitor my TX freq to
avoid QRM. I use narrow filters on RX to keep the QRM out on all bands, the
normal procedure. When anyone calls please try and be on my exact QRG
otherwise I might not hear you.

73 De Mal/G3KEV

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