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LF: RE: RE: Special Research Permits (501-504kHz) for UK Amateurs

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Subject: LF: RE: RE: Special Research Permits (501-504kHz) for UK Amateurs
From: "John W Gould" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 21:37:10 -0000
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I'm busy building a DDS, but if that fails to work in a sensible timescale
I'll need to be xtal controlled, so an agreement where we might cluster for
QRSS/DFCW might be worthwhile.  This might also be helpful for others.  Are
there any obvious frequencies that are divides from standard crystals?

73 John, G3WKL

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Subject: LF: RE: Special Research Permits (501-504kHz) for UK Amateurs

LF Group,

Is anyone willing to propose a voluntary bandplan for the UK 501 kHz
allocation? We could follow the same sort of scheme that is followed on 137
kHz, with separate areas for CW, digital and QRSS/DFCW modes. The 3kHz
available is broadly similar to the 137 kHz allocation, and won't be enough
to permit much by way of "broadband" operation (MCW, DSB-AM, SSB, or even
drifty CW etc)

73, Dave G3WCB IO91RM

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Subject: LF: Special Research Permits (501-504kHz) for UK Amateurs

Ofcom has announced today that a limited number of SRPs will me made
available for 12 months from 1st March. See

and the RSGB and Spectrum Forum websites.

73 John, G3WKL
RSGB HF Manager

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