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Re: LF: Special Research Permits (501-504kHz) for UK Amateurs

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Subject: Re: LF: Special Research Permits (501-504kHz) for UK Amateurs
From: "MIKE REID" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 23:16:46 -0600
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Hello Dave,
Do you have a mod to get the Kenwood TS-930 to transmit on 505-510kc? I have a transverter for the band but would like to know if the 930 can be modified like the TS-850 for 505-510 transmit.
Thank you,
From: Dave Brown 

 If it happens at all in ZL it seems like 505-510 will be the band.
Concern for protection of legacy operation on 500 and just below is
the main concern apparently- no idea just where such operation is
taking place. It may be OFCOM is thinking the same way but taking a
more pragmatic approach by allowing 'limited output' operation a bit
closer to 500 in the first instance, to see if it really is an issue.

Dave, ZL3FJ ( the TX loop tunes to 500, the 757 puts out about 70w
before shutting down-- I'm ready!!)
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