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Re: LF: galloping horses

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Subject: Re: LF: galloping horses
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The reason was that the "galloping horses" (actually Loran-A)
were confined to 1950 kHz in the North Atlantic area which
included Eastern seaboard USA.
The Pacific area got the 1850 kHz channel.
There were odd exceptions (like the short-lived
Sky-Wave Synchronised Loran chain over Europe
in 1945 that used 1900 kHz) but not many.

For the full story read "The Memoirs of Dr J A Pierce"
Jack pretty well invented the Loran-A system and was
a good friend of mine until he died in 1991.

MIT Radiation Lab Series Vol 4 ("Loran") also has
a good resume and describes the early attempts
at low-frequency Loran that was resurrected in
1957 to become Loran-C.

Walter G3JKV.

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Hear Hear,,,, true I remember as a lad in the late 50s that the effect was
noted as Galloping Horses,,,, The 160 meter band was useless

I worked W1BB several times from 9L1 on the low end of 160m in 1964. How
did he manage it?
Peter, G3LDO

I have a vague memory that Stew had an arrangement with the US Coast
Guard to allow him a noise free slot for some of his record attempts.

Could be an urban myth though but it's going to bug me now until I
have a read through my old RSGB Bulls.
Les G8ARF / G3VYZ / RSARS 173

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