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LF: RE: G3YXM Grabber [tunable loop]

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Subject: LF: RE: G3YXM Grabber [tunable loop]
From: "Dave Pick" <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2006 15:22:53 -0000
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Yes I think it was the loop because I can see the wobbly interference that
it picks up. It's amazing how little ERP you need to get 100 miles or so, I
did some tests with Alan Melia and I got down to a few micro-Watts of ERP
with him still able to read QRSS...
I've been trying one of Roelof's e-field probes too, so we'll see how that


Dave G3YXM
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Subject: LF: G3YXM Grabber [tunable loop]

Dave, LF

I'm not sure if your grabber is on the loop antenna currently, but your
antenna seems to be quite favourable in my direction. I was able to paint a
respectable DFCW5 signal on your grabber while running only 1 watt RF into
my antenna (160mA antenna current)

I don't think I can reach your QTH on 1 watt out on any other band!

73, Dave G3WCB IO91RM

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Sent: 18 January 2006 20:41
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Subject: RE: LF: TA 17 JAN 06


I've recently been using a tuned rotatable loop antenna to receive DX and
null out Rugby Loran and frankly it's poor, it picks up all the local noise
going, the main antenna is much less noisy despite the Loran.
Even so I've been regularly seeing "NA" and this morning the last good copy
was at about 0840, well into daylight. I'll go back to the long-wire for the
grabber tonight.


Dave G3YXM.

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