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Re: LF: Trans Atlantic

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Subject: Re: LF: Trans Atlantic
From: "hamilton mal" <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 2004 13:07:07 -0000
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From: WE0H Mike
Sent: Friday, December 24, 2004 4:15 PM
Subject: Re: LF: Trans Atlantic

Maybe Mal can turn up the wick so his CW could be heard over here? How much power can you generate Mal? Warren has a 10w ERP limit which should be plenty :-D  What do you think Warren? Do you have a pair of 4CX10000's laying around, they gotta hear YA over there then :-P
Hi Mike
I think I could manage a CW QSO with the USA. I have plenty of antennas and hardware suitable for the job. Its just a matter of setting the gear up again now that I have diverted my attention to 160m dxing. Worked JT1CO the other nite along with some W stns, nothing really new cos I have worked plent of USA stns before also JT1.
On LF I have worked the Russian stns on normal CW a few times so do not see the USA as a problem provided. I have been heard on CW in the Boston area some years ago and also in VE1.
So far Mike no one in the USA seems bothered about making a CW qso across the deep blue. I am not interested in reporting beacons anymore its old hat now. They are blowing my head off most of the time, part of the qrm scene hi
Let me know what develops. I am going to GI land soon for a few weeks and if there was enough interest I could fire up from there. I have a 120 ft tower over there for LF work.
Tnx Mike for the info and have a MERRY XMAS and HNY and greeting to all the other great and mighty radio amateurs  across in the USA. There are some BIG signals on 160 coming my way I wish they would switch to LF so that I can have that CW QSO !!!
My callbook address is wrong on QRZ.COM and the other c/books think of all the cards going astray.
De Mal/G3KEV

Merry Christmas to all...


G0MRF wrote:
In a message dated 24/12/2004 15:06:53 GMT Standard Time, k2ors writes:
  Thank you for the capture! I'm very pleased with the results. I just acquired a Decca Tx, and it will take a few weeks for me to make the modifications, power supply etc. That should give me a considerably better signal (+7dB or so).
 Assuming that goes well, I'd be interested in knowing if there any stations 'across the pond' available for a two-way QSO?
73 Warren K2ORS/WD2XGJ
Lots I should think.
BTW........has a claim been made for the AMRAD / RSGB / DARC transatlantic prize for the first QSO with the USA?
I remember  UK to canada was awarded to 4 stations with a 'joint first' but do I recall there was a seperate catagory for 'USA' as opposed to 'NA'?
Anyway, seems the licensing arrangements will finally allow a 2 way to happen.
Good luck...............

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