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Re: LF: Re: VO1NA Schedule

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Subject: Re: LF: Re: VO1NA Schedule
From: Joe Craig <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 12:51:39 -0230 (NDT)
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Hello Bob.  Nice to hear from you.

Thank-you for looking for my signals.  The best DX with my
100 watts so far has been to RN6BN at 6600 km or about 1/3
the distance to the antipodes.  With winter approaching you,
perhaps QRN will be lower and under favourable conditions
you might be able to copy my signals.  Do you think we
could improve the odds by using a longer dot?  I could
arrange to send "NA" at dot 120 during the hours of
common darkness if you thought it would be useful.


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