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Subject: Re: LF: CT1/G3KEV
From: "Stewart Bryant" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 22:38:13 +0000
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Laptops are fine in the Xray. Mine has been thoroughly

If you travel to the US you will have no choice.
The Laptop has to go through separately, so do
your shoes. Over there the detectors are all at
hyper-sensitive level. On my trip last week I
also put my watch, glasses, belt and coins
through the Xray, and still got a full search
due to a single 1c coin in my handkerchief.



g3ldo wrote:

Dave, G0MRF said:

I find that the X-ray machines hate the solid metal base of some morse

Apparently the density of block of Semtex has a similar effect on
the image displayed on the security monitors.

Can these machines tell the difference between a metal box of components,
such as a rig, ATU or PSU and a solid block of a CW key?
I was more concerned about weight (as the XYL seemed to want to pack her
entire wardrobe) so I used a lightweight CW paddle that was fixed to a
clipboard that contained all the amateur radio papers.
I put all my ham radio gear into a separate small case which I never saw
again until it reluctantly appeared at baggage reclaim. I carried my laptop
and antenna mast (fibre glass telescopic roach pole, used as a walking
stick) as hand luggage. I specifically asked that the laptop didn't go
through the xray machine so that was the only item that got looked at.

Peter G3LDO

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