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Subject: LF: CT1/G3KEV
From: "hamilton mal" <[email protected]net>
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 17:14:36 -0000
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Hi All
I have just returned from CT1/Algarve and had a great time dxing from there. CT1 is fairly rare, the radio amateur population is low compared to most other EU countries. I did work three LF operators on the higher frequencies OK1DTN, G0MRF and G3YMC and several hundred others world wide on various bands from 160 to 6 metres.
The 6 metre band was interesting from the south coast of Portugal. I worked a number of ZS6 stations, V51E, TR8CA and RW1AY/MM in the South Atlantic off the West African coast. I did hear the UK beacon GB3MCB but no UK stations.
I took all the necessary radio equipment and antennas with me. The portable station consisted of an ICOM 706 and a small 25A smpsu. The Antenna was an 80 metre doublet up at a height of about 18 metres and a suitable ATU to match the antenna on all bands to the transceiver.
Everything worked well without snags. At my CT1 qth there was plenty of room for antennas for the LF bands even 137 khz and next time I might try it. I have arranged an even better qth next time with a villa and 20 acres of vineyard for antennas plus the swimming pool for a good earth.
No one around my qth seemed bothered by my antenna mast and antennas. Most of the Algarve is covered by large 1- 2 metre satellite dishes and other large poles with TV antennas attached. Antennas of all varities are the norm there and the odd radio amateur mast and antennas just blends in hi . A big difference from the UK where some Councils insist on planning consent for small dishes that you could hardly see and a pole higher than the normal washing line is prohibited!!!!!!!
It could be time to move South West to a villa with swimming pool, vineyard and no planning needed for masts and antennas all at affordable prices, plus good food, good beer and brandy and  GOOD SERVICE at the right price.
Airport security at LEEDS very thorough, when my equipment passed the xray machine all the lights and buzzers went off because of one dangerous looking item. I had to unpack one bag and the suspect item was my MORSE key. They had not encountered one of these devices before. One the way back at FARO airport the security xray light up just the same flashing lights etc but the man just waved me on, he obviously knows all about amateur radio and morse keys !!!!!!!!!!!!!
73 de Mal/G3KEV
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