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LF: Newbie question

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Subject: LF: Newbie question
From: "Martyn" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2003 22:20:03 -0000
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Hi folks,

I have been monitoring 137 for a couple of weeks now, but for the last week
or so I have been getting this consistent 1 second broadband (from about
133khz to about 139khz pulse. see attached jpg. Is this typical? or better
still can anyone suggest what it  might be please? DCF39 is clear on the
trace and very strong.. Even better, can I get rid of it. The next step is
probably a noise canceller but I'm not sure how effective this will be on a
broadband noise pulse

Ant is a dual vertical wire to approx 10m high with a pair of 18m horizontal
Capacity wires seperated by abt 800mm in an offset 'T' formation. Looding
coil is about 5mH. Rx pre-amplifier is the Mk1 G0MRF kit feeding my FT-920
HF rig.



Martyn Kinder G0CZD

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