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LF: 2-nd probe

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Subject: LF: 2-nd probe
From: "Vladimir Shuplyakov" <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 2 May 2003 10:21:23 +0400
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Hello, OM-s!
Some succes today night.
We (I'm and RZ3QD) repair our PA (but now with IRFP450 FETs ). Antenna
current 1,8A messured at 23.00UTC (03.00 local Moskow time). FETS
temperature about 35C in QRSS20 mode and continue carrier.
Today will transmit
at 17.00 UTC   137710 QRSS3
at 20.00 UTC    137750 QRSS20 mode.
Propagation yesterday was good. DCF39 rising up 65 DB S/N 100 Hz bandwidth.
Not bad! It give a posibility listen german stations with 1 Wt EIRP in
normal CW mode.
I will test my TX and wait any reports before transport computer for
recieving to my summer QTH.
Now we think about antenna radiation resistance improving.
73! Vlad. RX3QFM.

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