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LF: Re:136 Mon.

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Subject: LF: Re:136 Mon.
From: "Ian Kyle" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 20:21:04 -0000
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Thanks to Jim M0BMU for my first  two-way 136MHz QSO last night but nothing
heard or seen of anybody else.
Obviously the system works sort of,  and the much-put-upon BK actually
manages to get up to 125 w out on that band but there are marked anomalies
in the inductance settings required - at maximum antenna current (1+A)  the
reqired L is far too high and replacing the antenna with an equivalent
circuit produces resonance at around 95KHz.
There's summat cockeyed somewhere, so more work is needed to ascertain
whether it's the mathematics or the hardware.
Howsomever,  if anyone feels that way inclined I am willing to try a sked or

73 de,


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