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LF: Re: FW: [Lowfer] WC2XSR/13 New Frequency

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Subject: LF: Re: FW: [Lowfer] WC2XSR/13 New Frequency
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Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2003 09:33:20 -0000
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Subject: LF: FW: [Lowfer] WC2XSR/13 New Frequency

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Subject: [Lowfer] WC2XSR/13 New Frequency

WC2XSR/13 went back on the at 1739 CST.

The modulation is QRSS30, repeating "XSR" one time, followed by CD ID at
10 WPM. Transmitter power output to the antenna is 400 watts.

The frequency has been changed to 164.500 KC to facilitate possible
reception by several stations who have reported interference on 166.500
This freq is completely swamped at my QTH by a French Broadcast Stn S9 plus
a hundred db over. You probably know already the freq range 190 khz - 400
khz is allocated to the European broadcasting service and there are some
very loud stations active. I am surprised you do not hear some of these
stations across the ocean blue.


Ralph   W5JGV / WC2XSR / 13

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