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Re: LF: W & G Level Meters

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Subject: Re: LF: W & G Level Meters
From: "Stewart Bryant" <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2002 08:48:49 +0100
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I spoke to the guy right at the end of Friday, and the prices
were definately on the way down.
I don't think that this is his normal business. He had this pile
of kit, and he though that if he took it to Leicester it would
sell like hot cakes. I guess he does not understand price elasticity.
He had offloaded some better kit to the big dealers at the beginning of the day, and his stall was piled high with what the others did not want.
Prices were constantly being marked down, and were definately
negotiable, just not as negotiable as I was prepared to pay!
If you are there, it is certainly worth popping by in the last
hour of the show today.

Anyone know what the street prices for the W&G level meters is?

Stewart G3YSX

Tracey Gardner wrote:
I've just got back from the Leicester Rally/Exhibition at Donington Park.

One dealer had the following W &G test gear on his stall.

SPM12 200Hz - 12MHz?
SPM19 200Hz - 26MHz
SPM31 200Hz -  620kHz

He was selling on behalf of someone and was asking £200 for each piece of
I told him that I thought that this was too high but he didn't have the
authority to bargain.

If anyone wants to talk to the guy when he gets back from Donington he can
be contacted on 0161 718 7611.

I also saw an SPM-3 for £40 and the SPM-3's companion tracking generator
PS-3? for £20


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