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LF: Infos obout lf qrp

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Subject: LF: Infos obout lf qrp
From: "'Geri' Kinzel, DK8KW" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 10:08:01 -0500
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Hello Walter,

Walter, DL1KSW                                   24.02.02
I am new in this list, at first some short infos oubt me:
I am 50 years "young" and my license ist 10 jears "old". I am member of AGCW-DL and member of DL-QRP-AG.
Now I want to be in future qrv on the lf band 136khz.
I want to be qrv in slow cw with PC/soundcard and qrv with "fingers-cw".
My Icom IC 706 MKII not so good for receive 136khz, I want a homemade TRX.
Now my questions:
Can anyone send me tips for a TRX or RX and TX for this band with 5 watt
I want, that the RX and TX are to communicate with the soundcard of PC,
example with optokoppler integrate in RX and TX. RX/TX also communicate
with my
fingers CW, with a Elbug.
... welcome to the fascinating world of LF! There are some easy and
simple-to-build transmitters on the web, to begin with I would suggest to
build the DF3LP tranmitter
( that produces about
50 Watt but surely can be run with less. OM2TW has designed a simple 5 Watt
PA for LF using a TDA 2030
( that I use
successfully as a buffer for my PA.

Just one word of warning: you may expect your antenna to produce a "gain"
of minus 30 to minus 40 dB (!) compared to a dipole, so whatever power you
run, you will allways run QRP! Using real 5 Watts PA output will be a
challenge! With my 350 Watt PA (and a special permit from the RegTP) I
produce approx. 250 mW ERP!

You find lonks to most of the active LF amateurs who run a website on

Best 73 and see you on LF!

Geri, DK8KW (W1KW)

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