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Re: LF: Re: Big/small antennas

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Subject: Re: LF: Re: Big/small antennas
From: "gii3kev" <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 05 Oct 2001 17:22:14 +0100
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Rik Strobbe wrote:

At 12:28 4/10/01 +0200, you wrote:
>Not necessarily. According to the currently valid regulation in OK land we
can legally emit up to allowed power for the op's class, in my case it is
1kW. No note about limited ERP for 136 kHz band...   This regulation was
already in force when I transmitted from the 150 m high T-ant. No abuse,
paradise for LFers.
>Someone else here also mentioned that they don't have limited ERP on 136
kHz, I guess it was PA or ON land?
>73 Petr OK1FIG

Hello Petr,

As far as I got it the 1 Watt ERP limit is given by the CEPT/ERC
Recommendation 62-01 E (see ).
Apart from that several in several countries are giving additional (!)
power limits, eg :
Belgium : 2kW output (lifted in 04-2001)
Holland : 400W output
Finland : 100W output
Germany : 20W output (lifted ?)
So I assume that in any country that follows the CEPT 62-01 E there is the
1 Watt ERP limit ?
In practice for most of us this 1 Watt limit is a rather theoretical
burden, unless you run many kW and use huge isolators.
Lifting the 1W limit would probabably get 2 or 3 very strong stations on
the band and spoil the fun for all the others. Crossing the pond with a
bute force of 100W ERP is no challenge, doing the same with far less than
1W ERP must give a real satisfaction.

73, Rik
Why are some persons getting so concerned about what happens in other
besides their own.
Does it matter whether one country is permitted 5kw and another 10mw.
Some will be suggesting before long that there be a limit on antenna
On all the other amateur bands, there is a big variation amongst
countries as
regards permitted power, so why single out the LF bands
There will always be outstanding signals from those that put maximum
into their system.
There will also be enjoyment for those less enthusastic and content with
and bits of wire lying on the ground. It is called freedom of choice, so
content with what ever you are doing and do not interfere or dictate to

I personally am not concerned if my neighbour has more power, a bigger
house or
car etc than myself. I would congratulate him on his success, and
certainly not
redicule or take a dislike to him because he was doing better than me.

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