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LF: Re: New Spectran V 1

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Subject: LF: Re: New Spectran V 1
From: [email protected]
Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2001 02:57:25 EDT
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Hello Alberto, Vittorio,   and group,

Curious as I am, I immediately installed the brand new Spectran V1 b106 this morning and was amazed of the performance and stability of it. Whatever I tried, I didn't get it to crash...  ;-)
The scrolling is indeed very smooth, the automated detection of the signal paths inside the soundcard worked right from the beginning, and the DSP denoiser makes listening on HF a pleasure (I didn't use it on LF yet).

Good job !

73, Wolf  DL4YHF.

P.S. for Uwe: the DX cluster for 136kHz is at
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