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Re: LF: Lightning

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Subject: Re: LF: Lightning
From: "Mike Dennison" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 11:25:12 +0100
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More on my near miss with lightning.

I have spoken to several neighbours in my road. Two saw the strike which appeared to hit a street lamp 50 yards from my house. There is no sign of damage to the lamp. One witness said the lightning struck the ground and then flashed across to everything in the road.
Although there are no burn marks anywhere, one neighbour's modem was
destroyed and another had the inside of his video recorder turned to ashes.
Even stranger was someone who reported a singing Christmas decoration
switching itself on whilst in its storage box in a cupboard.
I have checked my house wiring and it seems that one of the socket feeds
has gone open circuit. It did not blow the fuse, and I now have to trace the
wiring in case there is a fire risk from the burnt out wires.
It seems I was very lucky to get away with just a wrecked pre-amp, as the
whole shack, including my computer, was switched on at the time of the strike.
Luckily the neighbours saw the lightning strike the road or lamp. I was afraid
they would blame my masts for attracting it.

Mike, G3XDV (IO91VT)

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