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Re: LF: Lightning

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Subject: Re: LF: Lightning
From: "G3YXM" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 13:46:27 +0100
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Dear all.

The lesson to be learned about lightning is, no matter what you do regarding
earthing antennas, unplugging things etc. is that it isn't going to make the
slightest difference if you get struck!
I leave everything eathed in the vain hope that the aerial will act like the
lightning conductor of a church etc. i.e. it will discharge the local area
and prevent a strike (which start from the ground) developing. The problem
there is; to be effective it needs a sharp point, the very thing you don't
want on an LF aerial!

Sorry about the damage Mike, I hope too much plaster doesn't have to come
off the walls!

I am presently trying to get tuned up on 73k for the first time since the
great fire. It always amazes me just how much more loading inductance you
need, I have just got down to the top of the band and hope to be inside it
Anyone interested in some 73k activity on Tuesday morning? Rugby will
hopefully be off for maintenance. I just had a QSO with G3CCH on 136 and he
will be listening on his new IC746.

73. Dave G3YXM.

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