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Re: LF: VE1ZZ on 136

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Subject: Re: LF: VE1ZZ on 136
From: [email protected]
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 20:37:22 EST
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In a message dated 12/20/00 8:08:17 PM GMT Standard Time, [email protected] writes:
<< Either way it still represents an erp of nearly 30watts.
In which case we should be able to see Jack's signal when CFH is only 30dBs on the Alan scale

It was certainly very strong when the '10 second dashes' were seen in September. Without the QRN on that particular night they would have been perfect 'O' copy. I note from John's comments a few days ago that in recent weeks the strength of the 128kHz station has been much stronger than the S5-6 recorded on 10/Sept. With a little luck, that should mean that if we know in advance that Jack is planning a beacon session, reception should be 'reasonably' straightforward.
BTW Did anyone in VE monitor the recent transmission? Is Jack's new crystal
on 136.500 or was he still using the VFO? A little trimming to avoid Loran
QRM would increase the chances of success.

David 'MRF

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