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Re: LF: LF-antenna with top load

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Subject: Re: LF: LF-antenna with top load
From: "P. W. Schnoor" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1999 15:42:26 +0200
Organization: Clinic of Nephrology, University of Kiel
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Hello Group,

If possible please avoid HTML coding or system/mailer specific

Hi Dick,

Thank you for information! Will check those geometries with
ELNEC for comparison soon...

Dick Rollema wrote:

I used them only to calculate
Rs from the real part in
Z = R + jX
Setting wire loss to zero (no copper or else) during simulation
run would give you "Rs" I guess.

54°16'N / 10°04'E, JO54ag
73 es gl de Peter, DF3LP

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