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Re: LF: growing interest - Group wisdom

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Subject: Re: LF: growing interest - Group wisdom
From: "M. Bruno" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1999 20:25:20 +0100
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At 08.03 14/09/99 +0100, Steve GW4ALG wrote:
On several occasions I have found myself having to re-learn and extend
my knowledge of basic radio theory.  The contributors to this LF
reflector have helped significantly in improving my understanding why
some things work, and why others don't.

This is the best contribution of this reflector. Many people (me, by sure)
started in LF with a certain idea about how the RF things work, and
concluded with a totally different one! Let rememeber, by instance, the
discussion about the Luxembourg effect one year ago (thanks again, N4ICK
and all others).

The group wisdom is invaluable in this aspect.

Now that the winter season is approaching and the possible DX times come,
may I ask the group (and expecially our USA and VE friends) for a positive
identification of the 'mystery' signal on 137 kHz at night?

I am still not sure that it comes from Canadian Navy, Halifax. Is any OM
close enough to H'fax to confirm or deny this? or to take a bearing?

I will start to monitor the signal using ON4UN's software by next nights.

The approximative bearing from Torino (N-W Italy) is 290-300 degrees.

73 - Marco IK1ODO

[email protected]

Rivalta, ITALY JN35SA (N 45 01' 25.6", E 7 31' 09.4")

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