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Re: LF: LF WSPR spots J1LPB in Hamilton, Canada

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Subject: Re: LF: LF WSPR spots J1LPB in Hamilton, Canada
From: Rik Strobbe <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2018 20:43:07 +0000
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Thread-topic: LF: LF WSPR spots J1LPB in Hamilton, Canada

Hi Mal, all,

SWLKQ40LS is Bjarne Melde, living in the very northern part of Norway. Have a look at

He is using BOG antennas and managed to copy VK4YB and (KH6/)K9FD on 630 m WSPR.

73, Rik  ON7YD - OR7T

Van: [email protected] <[email protected]> namens Domenico IZ7SLZ <[email protected]>
Verzonden: donderdag 25 oktober 2018 20:48
Aan: [email protected]
Onderwerp: Re: LF: LF WSPR spots J1LPB in Hamilton, Canada
Hi MF,
What about SWLKQ40LS (not OM callsign) that, from North Norway is regularly spotting K, VK and many EU stations?
I think that it is a real receiving station and i'm very curios to know his setup.
Using Google Earth it is possible to see the surroundings of that locator: nice place and very low density of populations that means low man made noise.

73, Domenico IZ7SLZ

On Thu, 25 Oct 2018, 20:02 John Andrews, <[email protected]> wrote:
I have asked him for a description of his receving setup. Will post the
results here.

John, W1TAG

On 10/25/2018 1:25 PM, N1BUG wrote:
> I agree. The station is either using remote receivers around the
> world (more than one location) or just making up fake spots to
> upload to WSPRnet.
> I do not believe he could hear Europe stronger than he hears the
> strong stations close to him.
> How could a station near Hamilton, Ontario copy a G3 at just after
> 1600z?
> His spots of Japan are highly suspicious also.
> I do not believe any spots that come from J1LPB can be taken seriously.
> 73,
> Paul N1BUG
> On 10/25/18 10:24 AM, [email protected] wrote:
>> Luis,    I also get spots from them but signal reports are not
>> consistent with how far I am away from them. I believe the
>> station is using remote receivers around the world. 73,Wayde
>> K3MF

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