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RE: LF: RE: Earth antenna transmissions on a guide rail?!??

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Subject: RE: LF: RE: Earth antenna transmissions on a guide rail?!??
From: "Marcin" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2018 20:26:59 +0200
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2km in mobile magnetic loop RX station.

73! Marcin

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Subject: Re: LF: RE: Earth antenna transmissions on a guide rail?!??

Hi Marcin!

Whats QRB?


> Hello Stefan!
> The signal-to-noise ratio of the movie is very good. The experiment is 
> interesting and inspired me.
> In January we tried to transmit on 8.27 kHz from a horizontal loop antenna. 
> Team SP5WPK, SQ5BPF and SQ2BXI stretch the 500m wire. Ground was very good, 
> by the river. The effect was not good. Information about the experiment in 
> Polish:
> 73! Marcin SQ2BXI
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> Subject: Re: LF: RE: Earth antenna transmissions on a guide rail?!??
> Hello Marcin,
> Oh, from LA3EQ, we know that man, at least from the LF/MF WSPR database. If i 
> remember correctly he has been here ion the list some years ago.
> Listening from an antenna which is so close to the road? Should sound funny.
> But i've been a bit disappointed, he just connected the coax between two very 
> close disconnected parts of the guard rail. First i thought he installed an 
> isolated (!) wire of 8 km length. These two segemnts should form a very small 
> ground loop only. Of course it will generate some signal voltage. The Alphas 
> were visible too. But what about ZEVS and the Schumann's, if he's talking 
> about 10 Hz?
> Meanwhile i thought a bit more about the preparations. I think i'm going to 
> use that 0.4 mm diameter enameled cu wire that i have laying arround here, 
> about 2000m is available from the unwound part of the 2.97 kHz coil. For the 
> first test on the 450m distant guide rails this should work reasonably. The 
> DC resistance will be about 65 Ohm which could be a significant part of the 
> overall loss, hopefully :-) But then i'll have an impression of the earth 
> electrodes resistance.
> So i need to prepare a GPS locked signal generator and PA and a suitable 
> output transformer providing something between 50...350V at 8.27 kHz...
> 73, Stefan
> Am 23.07.2018 21:28, schrieb Marcin:
>> Hello Stefan
>> A very interesting idea for an experiment.
>> Looking at the video below should get good results.
>> 73! Marcin SQ2BXI
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>> Sent: Sunday, July 22, 2018 8:28 PM
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>> Subject: VLF: Earth antenna transmissions on a guide rail?!??
>> Hi all,
>> During the weekend i am in the Pfälzer Wald again which is such a nice place 
>> to be! I already installed a fixed E field antenna for VLF/ULF reception in 
>> JN39XI06 :-)
>> Now i have the idea to use a guide rail (attachment!) as an electrode for a 
>> earth electrode antenna! There is a perfect road which is not much 
>> frequented and where no way is crossing so i could temporary install a long 
>> wire on the ground between two of these guide rails. I would assume they 
>> provide a good grounding. They are located on a relatively high 
>> hill/mountain with stony ground. The mountain is very steep there and in 
>> some distance, 200m deeper, there is a brook..
>> With some luck the ground losses can be near 200 Ohm? Maybe rather 300 Ohm. 
>> I'm going to prepare things and plan to transmit for some time next weekend. 
>> If the ground loop actually acts like a loop, the bearing should be 135 deg, 
>> so it will be in a 45 deg angle towards my QTH where my grabber is listening 
>> in 55 km distance. That's quite a good distance for testing! I'd like to try 
>> LF and VLF, maybe ULF it all works well.
>> A BTW the wire length will be 860 m! However there are two guide rails in a 
>> shorther distance, about 450 m. I will try the shorter length first, to get 
>> an impression of the loss resistance and to see if something is visible at 
>> all :-)
>> 73, Stefan
Roman, RW3ADB

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