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LF: RE: Earth antenna transmissions on a guide rail?!??

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Subject: LF: RE: Earth antenna transmissions on a guide rail?!??
From: "Marcin" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2018 21:28:49 +0200
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Hello Stefan
A very interesting idea for an experiment.
Looking at the video below should get good results.

73! Marcin SQ2BXI


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Sent: Sunday, July 22, 2018 8:28 PM
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Subject: VLF: Earth antenna transmissions on a guide rail?!??


Hi all,

During the weekend i am in the Pfälzer Wald again which is such a nice place to be! I already installed a fixed E field antenna for VLF/ULF reception in JN39XI06 :-)

Now i have the idea to use a guide rail (attachment!) as an electrode for a earth electrode antenna! There is a perfect road which is not much frequented and where no way is crossing so i could temporary install a long wire on the ground between two of these guide rails. I would assume they provide a good grounding. They are located on a relatively high hill/mountain with stony ground. The mountain is very steep there and in some distance, 200m deeper, there is a brook..

With some luck the ground losses can be near 200 Ohm? Maybe rather 300 Ohm. I'm going to prepare things and plan to transmit for some time next weekend. If the ground loop actually acts like a loop, the bearing should be 135 deg, so it will be in a 45 deg angle towards my QTH where my grabber is listening in 55 km distance. That's quite a good distance for testing! I'd like to try LF and VLF, maybe ULF it all works well.

A BTW the wire length will be 860 m! However there are two guide rails in a shorther distance, about 450 m. I will try the shorter length first, to get an impression of the loss resistance and to see if something is visible at all :-)

73, Stefan

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