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Re: LF: Optimizing Ferrite Rod Antennas - OT?

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Subject: Re: LF: Optimizing Ferrite Rod Antennas - OT?
From: DK1IS <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2018 22:41:28 +0200
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Hi LF, Mike and Roman,

Thanks for your feedback! Sri, Roman, no more than five words of Russian here - so many interesting information being excluded! But at least the pictures tell a lot.

Concerning once more ferrite antennas: another most interesting paper is the PhD dissertation of David Gibson:

Channel Characterisation and System Design for Sub-Surface Communications;

Dealing primarily with communication tasks in caves and mines, especially in section 4  there is a lot of information about loop antennas with and without ferrite cores. The other sections  are worth reading as well - many of the challenges in sub-surface communication seem to be similar to our own.

Tom, DK1IS

Am 20.07.2018 um 17:33 schrieb Roman:
Hi LF, Mike, Tom!

Will be helpful for anybody, but on russian language:

Old discussion at russian LF forum about ferrite ants and DM4TR grabber with ferrite ant practical results:,119.0.html

The other old discusion on forum:

-Many practical results from different OM's into forum but on HF band mainly.

Russian book - main hand-book of all ferrite antenna designers in Russia:

Khomich V.I. - The receivig ferrite rod antennas, but on russian language only.

The wide-band ferrite rod original practic construction - OLUSHA-T from  Sergey Zadorozhny from Kiev:


Tom: Many Thanks for the link to Ben H. Tongues writings. I own and have restored both R-98 and R-20 Blonder-Tongue radios circa 1959 and 1960...(Ben H. Tongue of Blonder-Tongue Labs, Inc.)

The R-98 design stacks the 10.7Mhz IF transformer in series on top of the 455 kHz IF transformer. An interesting approach to a dual band receiver.

The design of the R-98 got me thinking if it was possible to build an optimized LF/MF dual band antenna transformer.... I am not sure if it is worth the effort, with the extra feed line, etc.

The point is that ideas for LF/MF exploration can come from other aspects of the radio art...

73, Mike wa3tts

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Subject: LF: Optimizing Ferrite Rod Antennas - OT?

Hello group,

To whom it may concern: cleaning up my old laptop I happened to find a
file from Ben H. Tongue dealing with the optimisation of ferrite rod

Coming originally from the crystal radio people some design aspects in
the article could be interesting for our VLF, LF and MF work too - if
not already known.

Tom, DK1IS

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