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Re: LF: Re[2]: LF: RN3AUS 136 khz TX now!

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Subject: Re: LF: Re[2]: LF: RN3AUS 136 khz TX now!
From: DK7FC <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2018 10:01:52 +0200
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Hello Jeff,

Am 12.07.2018 22:21, schrieb F6CWN:

It's a pleasure when it works!
My experience balloon and kite (Spountnik loads tests a few years ago, launched since MIR, a great thing too!): Do not use plastic wrapped wire (static electricity, several KV!).
Do not forget a resistance (~ 500 K Ohms 2W) between the antenna and the ground otherwise it is very unpleasant! (Hi!)
I hope to contact you this winter, here I use a kite (6m ²) and aluminum wire (1.6 or 0.8mm diameter). Tests have been done on 160m and it works very well, I hope to reproduce these tests on 136 KHz (QRSS and normal CW), always with a kite (helium and the balloon are too expensive for me).
VY 73 Alex and thank you again for the report.

Great! I'm looking forward to your signal. Some years ago i also worked with kite antennas on LF and VLF. In the first experiments i've built e.g. a J-antenna for 160m, i.e. a 82m vertical wire and a transformer cable to transform to 50 Ohm. A used a call-E PA running 600 W at 160m. The PA worked at 36 V (using 4x IRFP 260N), 3 car batteries switched in series :-) It was all portable and i had CW QSOs with Japan on 160m m at lower power levels :-)
Great great great times!

What type of kite are you using for your experiments?

Good luck to all kite transmitting stations :-)

73, Stefan
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