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Re: VLF: Unfamiliar carrier on 8270.007

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Subject: Re: VLF: Unfamiliar carrier on 8270.007
From: DK7FC <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2017 14:21:26 +0100
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Hi Joe,

i have attached the promising short trace that could be your signal. To insecure to claim anything. But if this is yours, you should be able to tranfer a single character into one night! This is what we should try next, i find.
Am 26.11.2017 19:32, schrieb [email protected]:
Hope your tree gets QRV again soon to confirm the short trace you saw.
Probably on Saturday.
Is the phase now referenced
by Spec Lab to utc?
  For example E=sin(omega t) where t is seconds since 00 ut?
Yes, but E = ê * sin(omega * t).
SpecLab sets the phase to 0 again at 0 UTC, so you need a frequency that is an integer of 1(3600s/h * 24h) ~ 11.574 uHz. Otherwise there will be a glitch at 0 UTC. Your 7.5 mhz offset is 648/(3600*24) so it is all right. You see that a 1.25 mHz step would work as well, and so on.
Excellent  on 17 kHz!  Having a 2xCW VLF QSO with SAQ has been a dream of
mine for a long time, but for you it could very well become a reality! GL.
Thank you.
The signal will never be strong enough to be aural copied at SAQ, except they use my remote stream from the tree to listen to my signal :-) I guess the signal may be copied in CW in not more than 50 km distance. Ok maybe 100 km, arround 10 UTC, in a quiet location and with a directional antenna. But i have requested 20 Hz of bandwidth and real CW will cover much more. But what we will try is doing DFCW-90 (like on LF) or maybe even DFCW-3 with DL0AO. Even a x-band QSO LF/VLF would be possible... :-)
After looking quickly at the .ini file you sent, I have a silly question:
is the psk.txt in scheduled actions the one generated by ebnaut.c?
The ebnaut-tx.exe for windows generates the file psk.txt which is saved to c:/spectrum (where you installed SpecLab). In ebnaut-tx.exe just type the message, and select the mode and the CRC. Save to the file by pressing "Save Rows". The symbol length setting is obsolete. Actually the symbol length is set in SpecLab in the periodic actions register card (e.g. Interval 00:01:00 [hh:mm:ss] for 60 second symbols).
Tell me if there are open questions.

73, Stefan

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