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LF: TDF on 162 kHz

To: rsgb_lf_group <[email protected]>
Subject: LF: TDF on 162 kHz
From: Warren Ziegler <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2017 20:22:40 -0400
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Hello the list,
    Can anyone inform me about the bandwidth and any artifacts from
the TDF time signal from Allouis?  I understand that it is phase
modulated +/- 1 radian so it should be quite narrow.   How clear is
the spectrum around 164 - 165 kHz, would it be feasible to copy a U.S.
amateur station in this part of the spectrum?
   If and when the U.S. 2200m amateur allocation becomes effective,
I'd like to move my experimental LF station well clear of the
135.7-137.8 kHZ amateur band. My experimental license allows me to
transmit anywhere between 130 - 190 kHz.

  Any thoughts/comments appreciated!

73 Warren

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